Agro Meridional hosts a multi-disciplinary team that combines talent and track record from both the agriculture and energy industries.

Ignacio Lamattina joined Agro Meridional in 2007 to manage the execution and operation of the irrigation project as well as other agro opportunities in the region. He has more than 15 years experience in agriculture production. Before joining Agro Meridional, Ignacio was partner and Executive Director of BLS Agrogestion SA, a medium-sized agribusiness firm with over 15,000 hectares under management. Ignacio was responsible for the operations, strategic decisions, portfolio selection, production activities and supply chain contracts of BLS. He also advised a group of 13 CREA member companies with over 45,000 hectares under management on technical issues regarding production planning and analysis. CREA is a prestigious non-profit organization that promotes the technological and managerial development of the Argentine rural community, to which Ignacio has actively contributed by introducing innovative intercropping techniques with soybean, wheat, corn and sunflower. Besides his involvement in Agro Meridional, Ignacio serves as Director of Nitralco SA, an argentine trader of agricultural products with over 20 years of history and presence in several regions, and is also member of the board of Austria Co, one of the major shareholders and founder of El Tejar SA, an agribusiness investment company with more than 600,000 hectares under management in Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia and Colombia. He holds an Engineering degree in Agricultural Production from Universidad Católica Argentina.

José María Peschiera joined Agro Meridional in 2007. He is in charge of the screening, analysis and execution of new agro investment opportunities. He co-manages the development and production aspects of Agro Meridional’s irrigated marginal lands and the production of more than 6,000 hectares in core agricultural areas. Before joining Agro Meridional, he leaded the crop management team of BLS Agrogestion SA, and assisted the manager of a family business with over 2,500 hectares dedicated to agriculture and cattle breeding in the province of Entre Ríos. José María is author of the book "Doma, de potro a caballo“, a horse breaking-in instruction guide. He graduated with High Honors as an Agricultural Engineer from Universidad de Buenos Aires, and holds a Masters Degree in Finance form Universidad Torcuato Di Tella.

Endriven is a privately owned argentine company, which has developed a group of successful businesses in natural gas and liquid fuels marketing, natural gas processing, energy services, biofuels and agriculture, combining deep industry expertise and strong execution skills to create an innovative portfolio of investments and assets which transform abundant regional resources into higher value added products and services. With a hands-on engineering and management approach, and in partnership with prestigious international investors, Endriven has achieved outstanding results with international business standards. Endriven expects to grow by leveraging on the region’s potential to produce energy and natural resources and its ability to create value and operate in an ever more critical competitive landscape.